We are able to grow a variety of trees thanks to Hunterdon County’s productive climate and soils. After planting, trees are fertilized and pruned each year. It takes about 1 year for each foot of tree to grow. Thus, a 7 foot trees has been transplanted on our farm for about 7 years before harvest.

Wildflower Meadows has a variety of popular Christmas tree varieties including:

Norway Spruce
Whose characteristics are a typical Christmas tree fragrance, dark green foliage, and strong branches for heavy ornaments

Canaan fir
A tree which tends to grow less wide than other species and silverfish-green needles

Douglas fir and Concolor fir
An elegant tree which tends to have attractive bluish-green needles and an upright manner

All firs have a pleasing fragrance, moderately strong branches, and excellent needle retention for families who like to put up trees earlier in December.